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One more year, we will be presenting the International Cruise Summit, the unique Summit, the one in Madrid. And for yet another year we give thanks to our sponsors and speakers for their trust and support. For this reason we are again opening this space, the ICS blog, where our sponsors can take advantage of another window of communication and exposure and our esteemed speakers for leaving here their comments on their participation.

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We wish you all a fruitful ICS 2023!

A look into the future

Luigi Stefanelli

Associate Vice President - Southern Europe
General Manager - Italy, Spain, France and Portugal Costa Cruceros

I have the good fortune, and the responsibility, to manage the key markets for Costa, which are Italy, France, Spain and Portugal. And from that multi-market perspective, I would like to reflect on the importance of the past when we look into the future. It is not only the experience we have been able to accumulate over so many years to manage an already complicated but exciting operation better and better. Or the millions of dream weeks we have been able to make our passengers experience during 75 years of operation.

A personal point of view of the new challenges for small ports regarding the cruise industry

Víctor M. Jiménez Serrano

Responsible for the Commercial and Marketing Port of Ceuta

Lorena Carmona Rodríguez

Technician - Commercial and Marketing Office Port of Ceuta

In recent years and, as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic that hit the world for months, ports, as well as any company or public institution, were obliged to face some new challenges unknown until then. For small ports, such as the port of Ceuta, this situation was not different.

What initiatives and measures are being implemented in the cruise industry to make blue tourism a reality?

Beatriz Orejudo

Managing Director Lantimar

The first measure that is being taken at a general level is responsible tourism in all ports. It's about raising awareness and educating the industry by looking for ways to travel that promote more authentic experiences....

New Opportunities for the Cruise Industry

Dr. Nuno Tavares Lopes

Director of Medical and Public Health Carnival Maritime

Our industry is no stranger to change. It has continuously adapted to evolving trends and customer preferences. New opportunities arise as the industry seeks to expand its reach, cater to diverse markets, and provide innovative experiences. Here are some of the exciting avenues of growth and diversification.

Madeira Ports

Paula Cabaço

CEO Madeira Ports

It is on the table for port authorities to achieve the goals set by the European Union with regard to reducing gas emissions, with the aim of reaching carbon neutrality by 2050, in a process that will be progressive, with targets set for each phase. On the other hand, we are moving towards a greener and more circular economy that will change the way we all live, but will also generate more competitiveness, incentives for innovation and economic growth, as well a challenge to create new job opportunities."

Digitalization in the Cruise Industry

Dr. Nuno Tavares Lopes

Director of Medical and Public Health Carnival Maritime

We all know the opulent ships and lavish amenities, are rapidly evolving with the integration of digital technology. This transformation is not only enhancing passenger experiences but also revolutionizing operational efficiency and safety measures. Anyone standing on the cruise industry landscape can understand the importance of digitalization in ensuring the enhanced experiences and well-being of passengers and crew members.
Le Havre

The links that unite the people of Le Havre to cruising are both historical and looking to the future

Jean-Baptiste Gastinne

President of Le Havre Cruise Club

Le Havre, with its exceptional geographical location at the mouth of the Seine, was for many years the preferred port of departure for transatlantic connections with America. The Second World War, the development of aviation and the end of major migratory movements towards America, however, got the better of the “French Line”. Since that time, the people of Le Havre have always maintained a very strong link with passenger ships and maritime activity in general. Many come to greet the arrival and departure of the cruise ships as they pass between the seawalls.

Setting Sail for Success: Overcoming Recruitment Challenges in the Cruise Market

Juliana Mendes

Maritime Recruitment Lead MatchMaritime

Dear C-level Cruise Line Executives,
The cruise industry is a world of its own, where unforgettable journeys are crafted and delivered to travellers seeking adventure and luxury. However, there's an ongoing expedition behind the scenes – the quest for top-tier talent to ensure every voyage is a seamless and memorable experience. As executives steering the ship, you're well aware of the unique recruitment challenges of the cruise market.

Crew Friendly, Career Initiatives and More by MedCruise

Figen Ayan

MedCruise President

During the current mandate at MedCruise, led by its President, Figen Ayan and an esteemed team of twelve Directors, the Association is making great strides in encouraging its members to provide greater facilities and support the cruise industry from wider standpoints and approaches, for cruise ships’ crew; for cruise career opportunities and trainings.

Dry-Dock Logistics - "The Invisible Enablers”

Nohemí Alcaúcer Martí

Port Operations Logistics Director Intercruises Shoreside & Port Services

In the world of dry-docks, we know that taking a ship out of service is costly for cruise lines and that a well-orchestrated and efficient operation is crucial. These complex projects involve numerous entities, from contractors and transportation businesses to customs officials and warehouse companies, all working diligently to guarantee a seamless dry-dock execution. In this intricate process, quietly supporting it all, you will find us – the logistics teams, the invisible enablers.
BC Tour

Future vision and challenges post pandemic in the cruise industry

Mark Robinson

Director General BC Group

With my recent incorporation into the BC Group last week, it exciting and great to back in the operations and passengers handling side of the cruise business. BC Group have a dedicated team of professionals responsible for providing Ground Operations, Port Agency and Shore Excursions to the various cruise lines. I thought it would be great to give you my personal view of the industry having recently worked for a luxury expedition ocean and river cruises company.

We take care ofeveryone so they can return on board safe and sound

Anabel Costa

Regional Manager Galicia de HM International

A cruise ship islike a small floating town that sails along the ocean and disembarks from portto port and, as such many things occur. As a hospital service provider, wemainly encounter breaks due to falls or accidents on board, cardiology andcardiovascular problems. But also the crew, who work for periods of six to ninemonths outside their country of residence, have specific medical needs and areincreasingly requesting trauma, dermatology, cardiology, dentistry orpsychology services from us, for example.